RSMB Limited was established in 1987 to offer high quality design and operations in the field of television audience measurement. RSMB has been a contractor to BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) since 1989.  In December 2007 the company was awarded ‘Contract A’ for the latest BARB service which went live in January 2010, and will continue until at least December 2022.  This is the third such contract awarded to RSMB by BARB and encompasses methodology, statistical design and quality control for the overall service.

RSMB’s specialist expertise has been recognised by other industry organisations.   RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd) appointed RSMB as one of the contractors for the service which started in 2007.  RSMB’s appointment reflected RAJAR’s desire to be able to respond to the increasing demands and complexity of the UK radio industry.  RSMB is also responsible for the data integration stage of the IPA TouchPoints initiative, which is widely regarded as having broken new ground in terms of cross-media research.

In addition, the company has developed a number of specialist analysis products and services for use with BARB data or other audience information.

RSMB is an independent company jointly owned by Kantar and Havas.