Here are just a few of the things our clients have said about our products and services:

“RSMB were the unanimous stakeholder choice for NRS PADD project. Their approach has been both professional and importantly commercially aware in providing this exciting new dataset to the UK advertising industry.”

Mike Ironside, CEO, 2009-2014

“RSMB are statistical wizards in providing data solutions.”

Lynne Robinson, Research Director

“I have worked with RSMB for almost 20 years and they remain the go-to guys for the most challenging statistical media research conundrums.  Sky’s latest collaboration with RSMB set the task of creating a model capable of estimating incremental reach of the various and increasingly important non-linear advertising channels.   The resulting product, Sky ARC, will help provide Sky with further return-on-investment insight.”

Julian Dobinson, Director of Insight & Research
Sky Media

“Life is increasingly complex. Maintaining gold standard measurement techniques in this context is full of challenges. RSMB provides a blend of uncommon expertise and research understanding that plays a key role in keeping BARB moving forward.”

Justin Sampson, Chief Executive

“We appointed RSMB because they had some great ideas to underwrite the quality of the RAJAR service and to streamline and enhance our reporting capability. In both of these respects, they have exceeded our expectations, and while doing so, they have provided a level of service that has been relentlessly excellent.”

Paul Kennedy, Research Director