Accessibility Guidelines

We take website accessibility seriously and want to provide the best browsing experience for everyone who visits our website.

Whilst we have already undertaken some measures to improve the accessibility of this website, we are sure there is more that could be done and will be constantly improving the website to meet these demands. If you encounter any accessibility, or usability, issues please don’t hesitate to Report an Accessibility Issue. We will pass your concerns onto our web development company and ensure the issue is either resolved, or removed.

The headings below cover some of the mechanisms we have deployed on this WordPress website.

Responsive Layout

We have moved away from our table-based web site layout and have invested both time in energy in finding a WordPress template which has some built-in accessibility components (aria roles). This website is responsive. It automatically adapts for desktop, tablet and mobile users. Although please note that the handheld versions might not be as functional as the full desktop version.

Skip To Links

Each page has Skip To Links defined, these help navigate the main sections within each page and contain a link to the HTML sitemap. Furthermore we have added access keys, as shown in brackets:

  • Skip to content (0)
  • Main navigation (n)
  • Secondary navigation (s)
  • Footer navigation (z)


Wherever possible we try to include descriptive ALT text that adds context to the image.

Form Labels

All form inputs have an identifying label. Clicking on the label with focus the relevant form input.

Form Captchas

We have removed those nasty Captcha images from our online forms and have adopted more accessible anti-spam methods.