JICREG is the Joint Industry Committee responsible for the methodology and reporting of audience estimates of local media. Launched in 1990 JICREG provides a transparent and accountable audience currency for planning and buying advertising campaigns in local print titles and their online entities.

RSMB began working with JICREG in 2013 providing technical support and statistical consultancy. In 2014 JICREG tasked RSMB with developing new print readership models using PAMCo data. RSMB’s relationship with JICREG extended further to support the development of a new online audience evaluation and reporting tool.  RSMB’s responsibilities now encompass updating and maintaining the JICREG database, as well as reviewing and maintaining the modelling methodologies.

RSMB will play a crucial role in JICREG’s forthcoming project to embrace improved cross-platform reporting of audiences across print and digital entities with the development of new modelling solutions.