Other Clients


Working with Microsoft and their partner media agency Space, RSMB undertook the data fusion of Belgian TV and online data. The resulting product is an online/TV planning system covering 14 channels and over 40 domains. The system allows users to examine audience duplication levels between different combinations of media properties in an effort to derive optimal schedule balance. Read more about this.

TNS-Gallup Denmark

RSMB have undertaken cross-media data integration projects with TNS-Gallup offices in Denmark and Norway.

The Danish M3 (“Multi Media Mennesket”) project in 2010 gave rise to an integrated planning database allowing users to undertake strategic planning across the main media channels. TNS-Gallup undertook a large fieldwork study to collect media consumption data. Information was collected via PDA with respondents providing details of their media consumption on a half hourly basis for a week. This data was complemented with a questionnaire. The resulting ‘Hub’ was used by RSMB and formed the base onto which the media currencies for TV, radio, press and outdoor were fused.

Building on the success of this project RSMB are to undertake the fusion of a travel survey with the Danish NRS. The resulting product will be an integrated database for reach and frequency planning.

TNS-Gallup Norway

Following the success of cross-media integrations in both the UK and Denmark, TNS-Gallup Norway commissioned RSMB to undertake the fusion of TV, radio, press, internet and outdoor data to a bespoke ‘Hub’ study. The resulting integrated planning database will provide the Norwegian media market with better understanding of the relationships between media in terms of reach and frequency planning.

TAM India

RSMB’s first project in the Sub-Continent was commissioned in 2011 by TAM Media Research. TAM Media Research, a Kantar Media and Nielsen joint venture, provide both television and radio audience estimates to the Indian media market. The broad premise of the project was to integrate TAM and RAM data sets using RSMB’s proprietary data fusion methodologies for the purpose of providing cross-media functionality.

Channel 4

Channel 4 is one of the largest commercial broadcasters in the UK delivering a network of channels via multiple platforms. ‘4oD’, the Corporation’s video-on-demand service was launched in 2006 as a web based offering. Since then 4oD has become available in various guises across a wide variety of platforms. With a proliferation in on-demand usage Channel 4 has experienced pressure to monetise and demonstrate accountability for commercial activity on the service.

RSMB have created a methodology and software solution to enable Channel 4 to calculate the overall reach and frequency of a TV and VOD campaign.