November 20th, 2007

2007 asi Tony Twyman Award

RSMB sponsored the inaugural asi Tony Twyman Award for the paper that made ‘the best contribution to a greater understanding of the TV medium and its audiences’ at the asi European Television Symposium in Barcelona. The award went to Bas de Vos of SKO (which is responsible for television audience measurement in the Netherlands) and Frans Kok of Intomart GfK. The judges felt that this paper was especially invaluable in exploring both the potential and pitfalls of personal meters very honestly and directly.

At the same symposium, Debbie Hurley, RSMB’s Statistics and Quality Control Manager, presented a paper entitled ‘The Impact of Media Fragmentation on Campaign Sampling Efficiencies’. The paper showed that campaigns based on a large number of low rating spots can be planned with the same confidence as those using a smaller number of spots from mainstream channels with relatively high ratings.