November 28th, 2013

Facebook commissions RSMB

Facebook has commissioned RSMB to develop a bespoke model to help understand how Facebook and TV advertising work together in driving reach.

After fusing relative rates of Facebook usage sourced from the IPA’s Touchpoints survey to BARB panelists, RSMB developed a statistical model to predict estimates of combined reach and frequency, and delivered the model through an enhanced version of its TripleS campaign analysis system. With this model and front-end planning system, users can add Facebook impressions to BARB-reported TV campaigns and see the resulting levels of reach across the two platforms across a range of demographics.

Alex North, Facebook’s Head of Measurement Partnerships EMEA, and Ross Wightman, RSMB’s Head of Business Development, presented the first phase of the model and some indicative analyses at the 2013 ASI European Television Symposium in Venice.

“RSMB has an unparalleled reputation in research and data fusion”, said North, “and the work to date has created solid building blocks for a broader understanding of how Facebook can complement television. We see numerous examples of synergy effects when people see campaigns across both platforms and our challenge from clients is to advise them on how to understand and maximize these effects, especially with mobile increasingly forming a crucial part of people’s lives and advertiser investment. We look forward to building on this initial phase and updating the model with Touchpoints 5 in early 2014”.