October 28th, 2010

RSMB launches data integration business – press release

In response to growing media industry interest in data fusion and other ways of integrating media audience data, RSMB is launching a dedicated media data fusion business. More detail is available in the press release below.


Press Release

Thursday 28th October 2010 – for immediate use

RSMB launches dedicated media data fusion business

Specialist audience measurement company RSMB is to increase its commitment to data fusion and other forms of data integration in the media sector. The company is recruiting a Head of Business Development who will work with RSMB’s statistical and IT specialists to enhance and promote the company’s expertise to both new and existing clients. RSMB will also be recruiting additional technical staff to support the growth of this business.

RSMB is currently undertaking major data integration projects for both the IPA and the National Readership Survey (NRS). For the IPA the company is completing work on the ChannelPlanner for TouchPoints 3. This allows media owners and agencies to plan cross-media schedules for a range of media – including for the first time on-line audiences based on UKOM data. RSMB has also undertaken a similar project for the Danish media industry. For the NRS the company is engaged on a development project to combine newspaper and magazine readership information with website audiences measured by UKOM.

Steve Wilcox, RSMB’s Managing Director, comments:

“RSMB has acquired a great deal of experience in data fusion and similar techniques over the years and we believe that now is the time to focus on this business in a more formal way. The growing complexity of advertising and fragmentation of media is making it almost impossible to undertake conventional cross-media studies or indeed to measure all platforms through which media properties are delivered in a single research survey. Data fusion, properly designed and tested, increasingly offers clients the only practical alternative solution.”

Lynne Robinson, Research Director of the IPA added:

“The growing use of the TouchPoints ChannelPlanner is stimulating the interest in the use of data integration as a key measurement tool for the media industry. I therefore welcome and encourage RSMB’s decision to invest further in this important area.”

For further information please contact:

Steve Wilcox – 020 7808 3600


Note to editors:

1. About RSMB. RSMB was founded in 1987 and has held contracts with BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board Ltd) for over twenty years. Currently the company holds ‘Contract A’ which covers the design, methodology and quality control of the BARB service. The company is also a contractor to RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd.) and in addition to data fusion projects provides a range of data analysis services to the advertising and media industry.

2. About Data Fusion. Strictly speaking this term should only be used where two sets of data are brought together at the individual respondent level. The data from two or more surveys are combined by matching respondents from each survey using a range of ‘hooks’ – information available from each survey – for instance demographics, attitudes or general media consumption patterns. A number of analysis techniques are available to test the quality of the achieved fusion. In practise the term ‘fusion’ is often used more generally to cover other approaches – including integrating surveys at an aggregated (rather than respondent) level and ascribing or imputing missing data in order to enhance databases