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Cross-Media Modelling and Data Integration

Understanding audience behaviour across media is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. RSMB are recognised UK experts in macro and micro cross-media modelling and other data integrations.

Micro Models

Micro model integrations match respondents from different audience research sources (surveys, panels etc) who have similar characteristics to create an integrated (or fused) dataset. We are leaders in the field and have over 30 years experience in data integration; our first fusion was between Barb TV audience data with the TGI Lifestyle survey way back in 1990. Our fusion for the IPA Touchpoints planner is in wide use in the UK today. What sets us apart from other providers is our passion to provide meaningful integrations that minimise regression to the mean.

Macro Models

Macro models use statistical techniques to combine measures of audience performance from different sources across media. These work well when trying to understand cumulative audience performance for advertising campaigns, programmes or channels. Our models produce combined audience estimates as well as reach and frequency. One example is our work for Comcast/Sky's CFlight solution.

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Methodology of Audience Measurement Systems

RSMB are market leaders in television audience measurement design, operation and quality control.

Our long term role as a supplier to both Barb and the UK television industry means that we have unrivalled expertise in providing solutions for audience measurement in a complex environment.

We operate beyond the UK, for example evaluations of TAM panel design and performance in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary and Sweden as well as statistical advice on TAM panel design in the Republic of Ireland.

RSMB has experience across the full range of consumer media. Beyond TV our clients include RAJAR (UK radio) and JICREG (regional press). With our work on IPA Touchpoints we also work with data outputs from all the main media.

In summary, we have unrivalled expertise in not only the design and monitoring of audience measurement systems but also the production, analysis and interpretation of data they generate.

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Representation, Weighting & Data Production

The complexity of delivering measurement methodologies is often underestimated.  Careful recruitment and close monitoring of sample balance is required to ensure high quality samples.  Weighting corrects for imbalances within survey samples - designing weighting schemes to account for discriminatory behaviour, design and reporting requirements can be complex but the importance cannot be underestimated.

RSMB have unrivalled understanding of the methodologies behind trading currencies, with particular expertise in these areas. We are an integral part of the Barb production cycle for UK TV ratings as well as producing the reporting outputs for RAJAR's radio survey. This means that we have the systems and data expertise to deliver timely and accurate data across a wide variety of media.

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Quality Control & Assurance

Quality control is essential to ensure successful production processes. RSMB are experts in not only the quality control reporting of audience measurement data but also the processes and data inputs that lie behind it.

For example, our remit under the current Barb contract includes:

  • QC checks on reported data to pick up potential errors
  • checks on panel homes to understand whether viewing anomalies are real or are caused by some other factor such as non compliance or faulty equipment

RSMB have machine learning expertise in the team and, where relevant apply this to our QC solutions.

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Auditing & Validation

We provide independent validation of third party measurement methodologies and end to end measurement system audits.

Measurement System Audits

In many markets audience measurement bodies want to ensure that their measurement contractor(s) are delivering a system that conforms to current best practice standards and complies with their contractual obligations.

We work with the measurement body to specify an audit plan and then undertake the audit.

Methodology Audits

We also conduct audits of third party methodologies to provide independent reassurance that they are robust. These are generally for platforms that have their own data and wish to use this for trading.

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Special-Analysis & Bespoke Reporting

If you're going beyond basic audience analysis and find you're being limited by industry analysis systems, or simply don't feel you have the in-house expertise to do the analysis you need, then we can help. We have unrivalled knowledge of industry data as well as in-house systems  to do the analysis and reporting that you need. If you're doing something especially complex not only may we be able to save you time but we can provide reassurance that the analysis is methodologically sound.

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