Audience Research

RSMB Audience Research (logo)RSMB’s specialist expertise has been recognised by a wide range of industry organisations both in the UK, including the radio research body RAJAR, and beyond. RSMB has experience across the full range of consumer media, providing unrivalled expertise in the design and monitoring of audience measurement systems plus the analysis and interpretation of the data they generate.

Rather than offering off-the-shelf ‘black box’ solutions, RSMB’s approach is to understand clients’ requirements, and to devise tailor-made solutions based on our technical ability and on our knowledge.

RSMB is a registered BARB analysis bureau. As a result of our long-standing involvement in the design and operation of the UK television audience measurement system, we specialise in performing the kinds of detailed analysis that fall outside the scope of the many “off-the-shelf” TAM analysis systems.