Television Research

RSMB Television Research (logo)Television audience measurement has been at the heart of our business for over 30 years.

Driven by its unbroken contractual relationship with BARB, RSMB are the market leaders in television audience measurement design, operation and quality control.

RSMB’s long term role, as a supplier to both BARB and to the UK television industry, gives the company unrivalled experience and understanding. Our expertise covers Establishment (or Enumeration) Survey design, panel structure design and control, panel balance and recruitment requirement assessment, quality control reporting and the creation and implementation of calculation procedures.

RSMB is a registered BARB data processing bureau.

RSMB’s experience has been utilised in a variety of other markets with recent experience including evaluations of TAM panel design and performance in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary and Sweden plus statistical advice on TAM panel design in the Republic of Ireland.