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Tony Twyman (1932-2014) is regarded as one of the leading figures in the technical and methodological development of audience research for both TV and radio measurement in the UK, from the 1950s into the early years of the 21st century. He helped guide the development of Television and Radio measurement in the UK and beyond during a period of enormous change, whilst also managing a farm! "Twyman's law", the principle that 'the more unusual or interesting the data, the more likely they are to have been the result of an error of one kind or another' is named after him.

To mark his forthcoming retirement, RSMB announced in 2007 our sponsorship of the inaugural ‘Tony Twyman Award’ at the asi European Television Symposium, held that year in Barcelona. The award would be made annually to the author of the best conference paper. In 2017 an equivalent award was made for the first time at the asi International Radio & Audio Conference.

RSMB continue to support both awards, the recipients of which are selected by a panel of judges including an RSMB representative. Previous award recipients, together with their winning presentations, are detailed below:

A little bit of the spotlight please: how establishment surveys must help measurement systems adapt to the new viewing game
Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2019 International Television & Video Conference, Prague
Youth and Music: usage, curation and discovery
Rasmus Kidde, Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2019 International Radio & Audio Conference, Prague
Making Four Screen Measurement Fit For Purpose – Julien Rosanvallon, Mediametrie
Julien Rosanvallon
Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2018 International Television & Video Conference, Athens
3.3 Mb
City Mouse – Country Mouse: bringing the Big Smoke to the Bush
Ian Garland
Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2017 International Radio & Audio Conference, Athens
<1 MB
OTT Trends And How They Are Changing US Television
Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen
Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2017 Television & Video Conference, Nice
4.2 Mb
Searching For The Optimal Radio Diary Concept
Lena Brun (Finnpanel) & Ricardo Gomez-Insausti (Numeris)Tony Twyman Award winning paper at 2017 International Radio & Audio Conference, Nice
1.1 Mb
1.7 Mb
not available
Screen Life - Audio
not available
Video Across Platforms
Bas de Vos (SKO)
Consumer Viewing, Measurement and Monetisation in the US market (Audio)
Matt O’Grady (The Nielsen Company)
not available
1.2 Mb
Moving TV towards the convergent media market
Bernhard Engel (ZDF)
not available
Opening Pandora’s set-top box: from concept to practice
Jim Kite (Starcom Mediavest Group) and Todd Juenger (TiVo)
2.7 Mb
The Billion Dollar Research Lab
Alan Wurtzel (NBC Universal Research)
<1 Mb
How passive is passive? The EMM tested in The Netherlands
Bas de Vos (SKO) and Frans Kok (Intomart GfK)
4 Mb
*The 2010 Tony Twyman Award was shared by Bernhard Engel and Toby Syfret
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